As we all know that Indonesia has natural resources are huge numbers and all that will be available until the next decades. In particular we can see each month the amount of minerals in bulk package are exported to several countries in Asia and Europe. In addition to the minerals mines, there are also other products in and out of Indonesia on an ongoing basis.

To meet the needs of marine transportation, we offer logistics and transportation services along most of the major international trading routes. We are committed to providing our clients with reliable, flexible shipping solutions based on expertise gained from our  experience. Handled by our highly skilled and professional staff, there is no cargo challenge that cannot be met. We cultivate long-term partnerships with our customers to delivering a range of services adapted to meet their specific needs with the International standart seal of quality.

Individually we want to help the suppliers,minners, traders, buyers and consignee to provide a sense of security and comfort about the safety of their products during the delivery period, and in bussiness we want the shipping market remains well preserved and marine transportation needs can be met.