Begins from two companies engaged in shipping bussiness, , Indo Ocean Transport Service and  Marine Transport and Logistics ( MT&L ), Lautan Niaga Shipping was born as Asia provider of shipping transportation services.  Our company specializes in the carriage of bulk cargo such minning products : coal, nickle ore, iron ore manganase ore, and also forestry products, projects cargoes, bagged cargoes, steel products, unitized and palletized cargoes and ro-ro cargoes and provides a regular service with a reliable sailing frequency, quality cargo handling and competitive freight rates.

Lautan Niaga Shipping is registered in Indonesia goverment as Indonesia company with named PT Lautan Niaga Indonesia that owning experience teams to handle all shipping activities since starting until ending of each shipment ever done.  We have Bussiness Development division and  Projects Planning division can handle consultation with clients if the clients or customers  need input, suggestion and idea to success in their shipments or projects.  Because we dont focus to spot bussiness only, but we can be a partner to long time bussiness.

As a company that continues to grow and want tobe one of leader in asia market, we have our own startegy to play in international market  such as : provide number one class services to our clients and partners, maintain the market price to remain stable, creating and maintaining a harmonious relationship between us as shipping operator with  other shipping companies,  ship owner, goods suppliers, goods traders, logistics and forwarding companies, ship brokers , ship agency and port agency and other parties related to shipping bussiness.

Two our sister companies : Indo Ocean Transport Service and  Marine Transport And Logistics have been pioneer and establisher an integrated connection system to make us as a group of companies ableto compete in shipping market. Customer Service and Documentation are all handled by professional human resources which allows a quick and efficient turnaround on booking requests and documentation.

We make our customers as partners, and we promise working efficiently and protect each cooperative relationships such as keep our own lives. We believe in long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.