The company was formerly preceded by establishment of a shipbroker company, PT Indo Ocean Trasportation Service, in 2008 that engaged in shipping service for chartering as spot and long terms fixing notes. After undergo a spectacular period,  so it was decided to open two related companies that would later play a role in the international marine transportation business market. The two companies are :  PT Marine Transport and Logistics  that handling shipping agency and port agency, and the other company is PT Lautan Niaga Indonesia ( as called Lautan Niaga Shipping ) that will be prioritized as transporter and shipping operator.

As a company based in Indonesia, we are pride standing in a country which has many natural resources and companies engaged in industrial, manufacture and fabrication. Marine transportation needs of the growing each year makes us want to engage more actively. Many exporters and importers in this country are able to work together to set up this business to be more promising with maximum business value. If you want to be apart of this bussiness and interest with maximum value of this bussiness so you can trust us as your partner.

Our location is strategic to collect supply and demand of shipping business.